New Sheet Music Available!

A new Sheet Music Book, 'Timothy Davey – Piano Solos' is now available from! It includes 5 tracks… 'The Weight of Time', 'Distant Starlight', 'Out Walking', 'I Have A Notion' and 'Everything’s OK'… PLUS a bonus of 'The Windmill Interludes' that are only available in this book. All are complete tracks just as you hear them on my CDs… Thank you to Michael Dulin for transcribing these pieces so accurately! And to Kathy Parsons for her eagle eyes in proof-reading them. From the introduction to 'Piano Solos'… "The music in this collection was never intended to be played by others. It was written as an expression of one man’s consciousness and recorded as an attempt to capture that intention at a moment in time that might make it communicable to others. The first thing I noticed about these transcriptions was that they were a profound gift to the composer – they are living statements that can speak to other musicians directly through their eyes – they give 'sight' to the audio images heard through the CDs. I hope those of you using these notations will enjoy the same thrill the composer experienced in being given back his creations in a form that makes them always accessible and identities in their own right." 'The Weight of Time' and 'I Have A Notion' have also recently been released individually, as have the other three tracks that have been available for a while… All are available at at Or check out the individual links on the Products page of this website! My sheet music scores are available for purchase and download in PDF format. Each title is $3.95 individually, or you can buy the Sheet Music Book for $14.95. Once purchased, you will be able to immediately download the file. Once you purchase and download the sheet music, please respect copyright and do not share, trade or distribute the PDF files on the Internet. Doing so undermines my ability to create more sheet music. The downloads you purchase are intended for your personal use only. If there’s a song you'd like to see made available as sheet music, contact me on the Contact page of this website & let me know! Hope you enjoy playing these for now…

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