Timothy Davey - Piano Player/Composer I have been a piano player for nearly 40 years, and while I play in a number of bands which range in style from rock to jazz, I have always felt most comfortable just sitting at a piano and playing solo. I especially like the responsibility for what comes out when you are on your own - and you can dictate the pace, the style, the leaps and jumps, the highs and lows, and just talk with and to and through the piano... In 2001, I independently released my debut CD of original solo piano pieces - Uncovered Keys - and in 2005 released my second CD - Scenes from the Neighbourhood. Recently, I have just released my third CD, 'The Weight of Time'. My own influences have really been guitarists - Leo Kottke, Doc Watson and most Bluegrass styles - although I don't think it intrudes too much into my playing that is where I always am in my head - trying to create a Bluegrass sound. 'Uncovered Keys', 'Scenes from the Neighbourhood' and 'The Weight of Time' are available through the CD Baby website at www.cdbaby.com. Visit my MySpace page! It's at www.myspace.com/timothydavey.