Timothy Davey is an exceptional Australian composer of solo piano works that cross over a variety of new age genres. Combining a heartfelt lyricism with a clear understanding of the link between music and spirituality, his music is recognised internationally and has received glowing reviews from critics around the world. "Listen to him if you wish to swim amongst the cross-currents of jazz, bluegrass, swing and blues, which coalesce into a musical experience which kicks your ass one minute and then eases you down the road the next," writes Bill Binkelman in the liner notes of Timothy's latest CD, 'The Weight of Time'. Timothy has been playing piano for nearly 40 years. He has worked as a solo performer and in a multitude of bands in Adelaide, South Australia where he is a much sought-after keyboard player. His interest in solo piano he credits to hearing solo guitarist Leo Kottke in his teens. He has also admired the style of other solo guitarists including Dan Crary and Doc Watson. Timothy's favourite style of music, he says, is jazz-bluegrass or 'Newgrass' music. Among keyboard players he admires but has no intention of trying to emulate are Fats Waller, Chick Corea, Philip Aaberg and among other musicians Mike Marshall, Bela Fleck and Edgar Meyer. "My main influence is bluegrass, so I suppose the best way to describe the music is a fusion of that with some classical, jazz and blues." In 2001, he independently released 'Uncovered Keys', a CD of original piano solos, which has been favourably reviewed by Solo Piano Publications, Wind and Wire, The Instrumental Weekly and Alternate Music Press. Timothy's music has been described as 'non-pedestrian', 'challenging', 'a sub-genre', 'brimming with creativity', 'highly accessible', 'refreshing & awe-inspiring' and having a 'casual elegance'. "His music is borne from the delicate combination of extraordinary musicianship and a deep, intuitive sense of composition." In 2005, he released his second collection of original piano solos 'Scenes from the Neighbourhood' which includes a bonus CD-ROM video track. The CD has also received amazing reviews from Solo Piano Publications, Wind and Wire, Alternate Music Press, Indie Music Review and New Age Reporter. Recently, he released his third CD, 'The Weight of Time', that will "take you on a trip through a myriad of musical moods and across a swath of life's tapestries. In short, it will touch you, remind you what it means to feel, and hopefully have some fun at the same time." For further information about Timothy Davey's 'Uncovered Keys','Scenes from the Neighbourhood' and 'The Weight of Time' including audio clips, see http://www.cdbaby.com.