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Timothy Davey: News

'Scenes...' Highly Recommended by Bill Binkelman in his final edition of Wind & Wire! - August 20, 2005

Bill Binkelman describes Timothy as an artist "who refuses to colour inside the lines of traditional new age piano music" and writes that 'Scenes from the Neighbourhood'... "offers more evidence that Davey is a true original... with abundant technique and talent combined with an affinity for jazz, swing and assorted other genres... his music is never pedestrian or ordinary, and frequently will unexpectedly light up with bursts of creativity."

In his final edition of the highly acclaimed review website Wind & Wire, Bill perceptively describes many of the tracks on the new CD 'Scenes from the Neighbourhood' in his wonderfully written and entertaining review.

"All good things come to those who wait!... Timothy Davey has made good on the promise of Uncovered Keys and revealed himself to be a pianist of amazing depth, startling versatility, and possessed of both a keen ear and deft touch." HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Read the full review on the Press page of this website and visit Wind & Wire for its final edition... VALE Bill!

Impressive review of 'Scenes from the Neighbourhood' from Alternate Music Press!!! - August 5, 2005

'Scenes from the Neighbourhood' has received an impressive and inspiring review from Ben Kettlewell at Alternate Music Press... a multimedia journal of new music.

"This is a collection of 15 songs that combine a heartfelt lyricism with a clear understanding of the link between music and spirituality." "The album is provocative, spiritual and overall, very high calibre."

Ben was impressed by Timothy's "subtle technical genius" and how each track related to each other "to evoke an emotional experience, to tell a story without words."

He went on to say that the CD was "a very pleasurable listening experience", "very refreshing when you have some time to yourself, to bring your thoughts and emotions into balance." AND "Highly Recommended!"

Read the full review on the Press page of this website... and visit the Alternate Music Press for reviews, articles, interviews and other features relating to instrumental music!

"Scenes from the Neighbourhood" - Reviewed! - July 21, 2005

"From the whispering trickles to the crashing drama, the tunes on 'Scenes from the Neighbourhood' speak volumes without ever uttering a word." So writes Jeff Leisawitz from Indie Music Review in his excellent review of Timothy's new CD...

Jeff also comments that, since Timothy released his brilliant debut album, 'Uncovered Keys', times have changed... "But some things are eternal... the spirit of music, the enchanting sound of a well built piano, the right notes dancing on the keys."

"This disc is an enjoyable listen many times through!"

Read the full review on the Press page of this website!

'Scenes...' played on RelaxRadio twice in two days! - July 16, 2005

Be sure and check out RelaxRadio, a great little Internet Radio site operating out of Perth, Western Australia. On July 16th 'Scenes From The Neighbourhood' will be played a second time in the evening, 5pm Perth time (0900 GMT). Many thanks to Ron, Connie and John for their kind words and enthusiastic response to the CD. Make sure you visit their site often and tell others about it!

"This CD is the most powerful work Timothy has done. It's worth it's weight in gold" RelaxRadio Home page


RelaxRadio is playing the whole CD of 'Scenes From The Neighbourhood' TODAY!! AT 6.00pm W.A time! This will be the WORLD DEBUT of Timothy's new CD and we are thrilled that an Australian site, reaching into 70 countries, has decided to play THE WHOLE CD in ONE session.
Congratulations to Ron, Connie and John for their great work! Tune in to - there's always something interesting, relaxing and worth listening to!

“Scenes From The Neighbourhood” Released! - July 14, 2005

The long-awaited follow-up CD to “Uncovered Keys” has finally arrived! Recorded four years to the day after the first CD it continues Timothy’s interest in guitar-based bluegrass/crossover music with a Solo Piano emphasis. Recorded by Neville Clark in Pilgrim Church in the City of Adelaide, the CD features some firsts for a South Australian artist. Scenes… contains a bonus CD-ROM video track featuring a duet with Loretta Mongelli of the beautiful and haunting tune “Before I Knew”. The album once again features the amazing art-work of Adelaide artist Carrie Rehorek, brought to life by Michal Dutkiewicz. Produced by Kay Christopher, the new CD has 15 original Solo Piano compositions by an artist Bill Binkelman has described as “a pianist of amazing depth, startling versatility, and possessed of both a keen ear and deft touch.” Check out the new page at CDBaby to listen to all of the tracks.

Lunch Hour Recital - May 4, 2005

Timothy once again delighted the audience at Pilgrim Church for a Lunch Hour Recital where he played some of the tracks from his upcoming CD "Scenes from the Neighbourhood". Timothy was joined by Loretta Mongelli on violin for a duet of "Before I Knew" which is featured as a bonus video track on the new CD!

New CD Update! - April 21, 2005

"Scenes from the Neighbourhood" has been mastered and we are now working on the cover artwork with Adelaide artist Carrie Rehorek and the bonus track with videographer Jon Burke. Meanwhile, there are two new tracks from the CD, "Out Walking" & "Distant Starlight", for you to listen to on the Music page... And some photos from the video for "Before I Knew" on the Photos page of this website... Enjoy!

Radio Highlights - February 7, 2005

Timothy is the Feature Artist for this week!
at "Relax Radio" a new Internet Radio Station from Perth, Western Australia:
Music from 'Uncovered Keys' will be aired three times a day at 9am, 6pm and 10pm (Australian Western Standard Time) from February 7-13th.

New CD Recorded!!! - January 25, 2005

Four years to the day after recording Uncovered Keys, I sat in a quiet Adelaide church after-hours in the midst of the city with Neville Clark, Jean Xeri and my producer Kay Christopher to record the tracks for another album of Solo Piano works. The pieces have been four years in the making, writing and re-writing themselves through various live performances, which Neville has also recorded. Over this time I have come to trust Neville and his ears completely! We battled a variety of inner city noises, included exuberant passers-by, cars, sirens, the Adelaide Town Hall clock tower bells and chimes, and a creaking wooden and stone building as it settled into the calm night air and breathed its own ambience into the recording atmosphere.

The album, to be called, "Scenes from the Neighbourhood", again plays through a range of piano styles, relying on a blues-flavoured bluegrass sentiment, with some really quiet, reflective moments and some really 'cool-groove' pieces as well. We were all fairly happy with the result and will soon begin the process of mastering the raw takes and getting a final mix together.

We used the Recitals Australia Grotrian-Steinweg and the sound is quite crisp, pure and very full! We'll let you know when we get closer to putting the music together with the cover and release date information.

"Uncovered Keys" receives amazing new review! - January 21, 2005

Uncovered Keys recently received an amazing new review by Jeff Leisawitz from Indie Music Review who describes the CD as "Masterful Solo Piano". He also writes that "This music is borne from the delicate combination of extraordinary musicianship and a deep, intuitive sense of composition."

Read the full review on the Press page of this website!

"Just Plain Folks" Music Award Nomination! - August 5, 2004

"denouement", a track from Uncovered Keys has been nominated for Best Solo Piano Song in the 2004 "Just Plain Folks" Music Awards! This awards format is now the largest of its kind in the world, with over 140,000 songs submitted from 85 countries!

"being nominated is truly a huge achievement in and of itself."
Brian Austin Whitney
Just Plain Folks

Radio Highlights - July 30, 2004

"Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio" Internet Radio Uncovered Keys regularly featured on playlists throughout 2004.

"Evenings with Peter Goers" ABC Adelaide 891:
Timothy was interviewed by Peter Goers & performed 'live' in the studio, March 2004.

Lunch Hour Recital - June 16, 2004

Timothy was invited to perform a Lunch Hour Recital at Pilgrim Church for Recitals Australia. The recital was recorded and two of the pieces, "Gaudeamus" and "Son of Blue Funk" can be heard on the Music page of this website!

"An Evening of Original Works" - March 13, 2004

A fund-raiser for Mary MacKillop College's new grand piano, Timothy performed an "Evening of Original Works" at the College's Multi-Function Gymnasium. He played several duets with special guest, violinist & former student Loretta Mongelli which were arranged especially for the evening. Have a look at some photos of the evening on the Photo page and read a review of the performance by Teresa Thai, one of Timothy's Year 12 Music students on the Press page of this website.

"Uncovered Keys" Digital Downloads - March 2, 2004

Digital downloads of "Uncovered Keys" are now available at various Internet sites including,,, & Listen & download individual tracks or the whole album!!!

"Music for Life" Compilation CD - February 1, 2004

Timothy has been asked to contribute "analog", a track from his CD Uncovered Keys to a fund-raising CD for The Cancer Council of South Australia...

"As part of our fundraising activities, the Disk-Edits "Music for Life" team have produced a Compilation CD featuring South Australian artists. Mostly it is original music that is very easy to listen to, with an appealing diversity from contemporary light rock to choral, country to solo piano.

Artists include: Adelaide Chamber Singers, Simon James Betts, Kelvin Brown, Peter Combe, Timothy Davey, Etypejazz, Fruit, Goldentone, Jim Hermel, Tea Rose Duo, The Borderers and Jeanette Wormald.

All artists have kindly donated their tracks for this CD to assist us in making sure that all of the proceeds generated from the sale of the CD will go to The Cancer Council South Australia.

The CD is on sale for $20 and is available from Big Star Records and from Disk-Edits."

Artist-in-Residence - December 1, 2003

As a result of his expertise and commitment to music education, Timothy has been appointed 'Artist-in-Residence' at Mary MacKillop College, a Catholic secondary school in Adelaide SA. His role includes teaching composition, working with various school bands & ensembles, accompanying, recording and performance.

"Special Event" - September 28, 2003

A Special Event for Recitals Australia at Hampstead Gardens. Timothy played some of his new pieces which were recorded in preparation for his new CD! "What a pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon!"

Radio Highlights - July 30, 2003

"Instrument-ality" KGPR Montana:
Uncovered Keys No.5 in Top 20 CDs for April 2003 & No.6 for May 2003

"New Age Sampler" WWSP Wisconsin:
Uncovered Keys No. 9 in Top 20 CDs for March 2003

"Klinkende Klanken" Radio DVN Rotterdam:
Uncovered Keys regularly featured on playlists throughout 2003

"Live at The Studio" - November 2, 2002

Timothy gave a stunning performance of his original works to an invited audience at 'The Studio' West Beach.

Weaving heart-felt stories effortlessly with his playing, he experimented with new pieces and re-invented favourites from his recently released CD "Uncovered Keys".

In his introduction, host John Bradbury commented that he couldn't help being reminded of the poetry of Bruce Dawe and the cartoons of Michael Leunig whenever he heard Timothy's playing. "There are a number of characteristics that they all have in common. His music is simple, yet sophisticated. It's refreshingly new, but it's also comfortably recognisable".

"It's very easy to listen to and yet there's a very deep and often profound humanity about it and so I think it has all the hallmarks of great music in that it's accessible at any number of levels".

Audience members were able to chat informally with Timothy and hosts John & Jillian Bradley at Intermission while enjoying Scarpantoni wines provided by Tony Hall. The atmosphere was further enhanced by artwork displayed in 'The Studio' by local artists Antoine and Carrie Rehorek whose designs were used on the cover of Timothy's CD "Uncovered Keys".

"Uncovered Keys" available at CD Baby! - May 1, 2002

"Uncovered Keys" is now available for sale at A little CD store with the best independent music on the Internet. Read some reviews & listeners' comments, listen to sound clips. Enjoy! Go to & check it out!

"Uncovered Keys" CD Launch - May 26, 2001

"Uncovered Keys", Timothy's debut CD of original piano solos was launched at Partridge House, Glenelg. He performed tracks from the CD and entertained the invited guests with the stories behind them. Adelaide artist, Carrie Rehorek, who designed the CD cover had an exhibition of her artwork which was enjoyed by everyone at Interval. "...Congratulations on your expressive piano playing and your very evocative music."
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