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Timothy Davey: News

New Sheet Music Available! - December 26, 2008

A new Sheet Music Book, 'Timothy Davey – Piano Solos' is now available from! It includes 5 tracks… 'The Weight of Time', 'Distant Starlight', 'Out Walking', 'I Have A Notion' and 'Everything’s OK'… PLUS a bonus of 'The Windmill Interludes' that are only available in this book. All are complete tracks just as you hear them on my CDs… Thank you to Michael Dulin for transcribing these pieces so accurately! And to Kathy Parsons for her eagle eyes in proof-reading them.

From the introduction to 'Piano Solos'…
"The music in this collection was never intended to be played by others. It was written as an expression of one man’s consciousness and recorded as an attempt to capture that intention at a moment in time that might make it communicable to others.

The first thing I noticed about these transcriptions was that they were a profound gift to the composer – they are living statements that can speak to other musicians directly through their eyes – they give 'sight' to the audio images heard through the CDs.

I hope those of you using these notations will enjoy the same thrill the composer experienced in being given back his creations in a form that makes them always accessible and identities in their own right."

'The Weight of Time' and 'I Have A Notion' have also recently been released individually, as have the other three tracks that have been available for a while… All are available at at Or check out the individual links on the Products page of this website!

My sheet music scores are available for purchase and download in PDF format. Each title is $3.95 individually, or you can buy the Sheet Music Book for $14.95. Once purchased, you will be able to immediately download the file. Once you purchase and download the sheet music, please respect copyright and do not share, trade or distribute the PDF files on the Internet. Doing so undermines my ability to create more sheet music. The downloads you purchase are intended for your personal use only.

If there’s a song you'd like to see made available as sheet music, contact me on the Contact page of this website & let me know! Hope you enjoy playing these for now…

'The Weight of Time' gives RJ Lannan from New Age Reporter a "Period of Buoyancy"... - October 28, 2008

Timothy's latest CD, ‘The Weight of Time’ gets another extremely favourable review from New Age Reporter’s RJ Lannan, entitled a "Period of Buoyancy"...

“This new album is full of long, thought out progressions, pensive moments and lots of mood altering music. There seems to be an overwhelming sense of urgency in the music represented by some serious jazz impressions... Timothy further entertains us with his copious observations in the liner notes of the album. Quotes, poetry, photographs and soliloquizing prose give us insight into the heart and mind of the musician. Because it is there is not a simple explanation as to why we climb the mountain. Climb the mountain he did and this is a bountiful chronicle of the journey by a dedicated artist.”

“The Weight of Time is as much a musical narrative of Timothy’s life as it is of our own. It is the bell shaped curve of our lives, the hills that we have climbed and the shaking of the fists when we reached the top. It is also the downhill journey that we take as we reflect on the paths we have chosen, the lovers and friends we have met along the way and the perhaps more importantly, what is next. What will time allow?”

Read RJ's full review on the PRESS page of this website...

'The Weight of Time' has impressed Bill Binkelman from New Age Reporter, who says it is Timothy's "best album to date."! - June 29, 2008

Long-time reviewing icon Bill Binkelman who is now writing for highly recommends Timothy’s new CD ‘The Weight of Time’. He says...

"On Australian pianist Timothy Davey’s third album, he continues to display his singular take on solo piano music, music which is unlike anything I’ve heard since I started reviewing. He does this without sacrificing accessibility, warmth or melody."

"In addition, The Weight of Time may be the most beautiful album “package” I’ve ever seen. The cover is a work of art and that’s just scratching the surface."

"He plays with a breezy yet sophisticated self-assuredness no matter what the mood or style is... This is his best album to date and a real treat for those who are looking for more than standard new age or adult contemporary piano music... Highly Recommended!"

Read Bill's full review on the PRESS page of this website...

‘The Weight of Time’ ~ Very Highly Recommended by Kathy Parsons from - May 19, 2008

Reviewer Kathy Parsons from recommends Timothy’s new CD ‘The Weight of Time’, very highly, saying, “I think it’s his best work yet!”

“Encompassing a wide variety of musical moods and playing styles, each of the fourteen tracks is a keeper - no filler at all! Often a bit more complex than most “new age” pianists, Davey’s music has always been in a category of its own. There are some extraordinarily beautiful ballads on this CD, but there is also some “down and dirty” blues, jazz, and just great original solo piano music…”

‘The Weight of Time’ is a great album and should bring Timothy Davey well-deserved recognition. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!”

Read the full review on the PRESS page of this website and visit for everything that is anything in solo piano!

'The Weight of Time' Released! - April 15, 2008

The new CD 'The Weight of Time' is released! Recorded throughout 2007 by Neville Clark in Chapel Lane Studios, Adelaide, South Australia, the solo piano pieces on this album let you, “swim amongst the cross-currents of jazz, bluegrass, swing and blues, which coalesce into a musical experience which kicks your ass one minute and then eases you down the road the next” and continues Timothy’s interest in guitar-based bluegrass/crossover music. The CD is now available as a ‘limited edition’ digipak at CD Baby, including a beautifully crafted 32-page booklet with extensive liner notes and stunning photographic images. Your favourite individual tracks can also be downloaded from iTunes.

"The main inspiration for the theme of this album was my father’s pocket watch, which I ended up keeping after he died. I have had pocket watches since I was a boy, and I took this particular watch with me while I was recording the album. This watch is interesting for a number of reasons as it is quite heavy and its ticking has a firm, strong healthy beat… like that of a heart… defying age and bridging the gap between the past and the present, ticking onwards into the future… And it’s mechanical, not digital… like the music on this album."

The CD cover features the beautiful photography of young Adelaide artist Madelena Rehorek, brought to life by Michal Dutkiewicz and Carrie Rehorek. Produced by Kay Christopher, the new CD has 14 original Solo Piano compositions that Bill Binkelman says will, “take you on a trip through a myriad of musical moods and across a swath of life’s tapestries. In short, it will touch you, remind you what it means to feel, and hopefully have some fun at the same time.” A slideshow of photographs from the CD cover, with the track 'I Have a Notion' can be viewed on YouTube at
'The Weight of Time' is available from CDBaby at where you can listen to all of the tracks. Enjoy!

'Distant Starlight' video chosen as a finalist in the SL:MIMA 2007 - September 17, 2007

A video featuring 'Distant Starlight' has been selected for the final round of the Swan Lake: Moving Image & Music Award 2007 The piece was chosen by Hungarian filmmaker Béres Gergö, for his entry in the 'Digital Film' category.

It can be seen here on my page at
The Swan Lake: Moving Image & Music Award is an education oriented award programme created to showcase the very best in the new age music video clip creation.

The basis of the SL:MIMA competition is the creation of visual imagery set to the new age piano music genre. Musicians from all over the world provided audio tracks.

'Distant Starlight' will appear in a 'Best Of' CD/DVD with the best 16 videos in the competition.

Video of 'Before I Knew' now on YouTube! - August 8, 2007

‘Before I Knew’, the bonus CD-ROM video track from my second CD, ‘Scenes from the Neighbourhood’ can now be seen on YouTube at
I am accompanied here by Loretta Mongelli, playing her 1801 Johann Georg Lippold violin...

Video production is by Jon Burke from Creative Digital Video and audio recording by Neville Clark from Disk Edits.

Take a look!

'Denouement' in Soundtrack of Short Film! - July 12, 2007

'Denouement' from my first CD 'Uncovered Keys' has been chosen to be part of the Soundtrack to an Independent Short Film called 'Happy End'... Written and directed by Safak Guzoglu, Filiz Bilen & Bugra Gulsoy, as part of the UNDP Young Filmmakers Project, the film will be shown in Film Festivals internationally. More details to follow...

'Dusk at the Window-sill' played on ABC Classic Drive FM! - July 11, 2007

Dusk at the Window-sill, a track from my second CD 'Scenes from the Neighbourhood' was played today on national radio programme ABC Classic Drive FM!

'The Weight of Time' taking shape... - June 25, 2007

The third recording session for the new CD 'The Weight of Time' went very well... Most of the solo tracks are recorded, and probably in October we will record four or five duets and finish that part of the process... I am looking forward to this new CD arriving and getting some new music out to you...

Second Recording Session completed... - April 23, 2007

Another successful recording session today where another four solo tracks were completed... Still much to do, but the initial feedback has been very satsfying. We are taking our time with this one... So stay tuned for updates!

'Out Walking' featured on ABC Classic Drive FM! - April 10, 2007

'Out Walking' from my second CD 'Scenes from the Neighbourhood' has been featured on the national radio progamme ABC Classic Drive FM with Julia Lester this month!

Out Walking - New Sheet Music Available! - March 2, 2007

Out Walking... the opening track from the CD, Scenes from the Neighbourhood is now available as Sheet Music! We have had numerous requests for this dynamic piece and are always pleased when we can oblige...

A 9 page PDF of Out Walking can now be purchased from Look on the PRODUCTS page of this website for a direct link!

In her review of the piece, Kathy Parsons commented that... "Out Walking got me from the very first. The rhythm is the pace of a brisk walk and remains steady while the right hand improvises all over piano, much as the mind does when you go for a long walk by yourself. The freedom of that feeling comes through loud and clear, as does the sense of peace and even the exhilaration of being out in the fresh air. This is truly an amazing piece!" Listen to it on the MUSIC page of this website...

Thank you to Michael Dulin for the transcription and Kathy Parsons for proof-reading. Your talent and experience have made this possible!

Anniversaries and The Weight of Time... - January 18, 2007

And so it begins... We had the first recording session of the new CD with the working title 'The Weight of Time' at Chapel Lane Studios, Hindmarsh today. It is the anniversary of when we recorded both Uncovered Keys and Scenes from the Neighbourhood! The studio is a beautiful recording space and the Yamaha C7 is such an inspiring instrument we are very hopeful that this new CD will raise the bar and be the best yet... We'll keep you posted on our progress... Photos of the session, taken by Norm Weedall, appear on the Photo page of this website and on my MySpace page...

Everything's OK - New Sheet Music Available! - December 22, 2006

Everything's OK... One of my favourite tracks from the CD, Uncovered Keys is now available as Sheet Music!

A 7 page PDF of Everything's OK can be purchased from Look on the PRODUCTS page of this website for the direct link!

"Everything's OK is wistful and a bit melancholy, but has a feeling of hope and looking forward." Listen to it on the MUSIC page of this website...

Thanks once again to fellow Whisperings artist Michael Dulin for the transcription and to Kathy Parsons for proof-reading it for us!

Distant Starlight - Sheet Music Available! - November 5, 2006

Distant Starlight... One of the more ambient tracks from the CD, Scenes from the Neighbourhood is now available as Sheet Music!

A 6 page PDF of Distant Starlight can be purchased from Look on the PRODUCTS page on this website for a direct link!

An evocative tone poem... "Distant Starlight harkens back to childhood, watching the summer night sky with grandpa, looking for satellites and falling stars." Listen to it on the MUSIC page of this website...

Thanks to fellow Whisperings artist Michael Dulin for doing the transcription!

Interview with Kathy Parsons from Solo Piano Publications! - November 1, 2006

Kathy Parsons from Solo Piano Publications interviews Timothy about many aspects of his musical journey so far... his influences, experiences, favourite composers and future aspirations.

Read the full interview at Enjoy!

"Piano Recital" - April 1, 2006

Timothy generously gave his time & talent to perform a Piano Recital at Mary MacKillop College's Multi-Function Gymnasium as a fund-raising event for the College.

As well as favourites from his two CDs, Timothy played several duets with special guest, violinist & former student Loretta Mongelli. These were arranged especially for the recital and you can listen to one of them, "Sicut in Caelo/As it is in Heaven" on the MUSIC page of this website!

There's also a photo from the evening of Timothy & Loretta on the PHOTO page!

These instrumentalists once again pulled magic from the air... An absolutely stunning performance and most memorable evening...

Radio Highlights - March 29, 2006

"Evenings with Peter Goers" ABC Adelaide 891:
Timothy was interviewed by Peter Goers about his upcoming Piano Recital & latest CD, "Scenes from the Neighbourhood". He performed a track, "Sons of the Blue Funk Frontier", 'live' in the studio, 29th March 2006.

New Review of "Scenes..." by RJ Lannan from New Age Reporter... "Looking Down Flinders Street" - March 28, 2006

RJ Lannan from New Age Reporter has written a wonderful review of "Scenes from the Neighbourhood" from his point of view, "Looking Down Flinders Street", in which he describes the CD as a "musical photo album".

The CD was recorded in Pilgrim Church in Flinders Street hence the title of the review. He writes... "Davey's solo piano recordings are a kind of musical photo album of where he lives (and not just a physical place), hence the name, Scenes from the Neighbourhood... These are artful vignettes. They are studies in movement and energy and color. Such vivid color. And none are still life..."

"These musical views from Australian native Timothy Davey are not to be pressed in a thick book, put up on a shelf and dusted off whenever the fancy strikes. These are bright, colorful compositions that can be enjoyed every single day... As long as the sun rises Timothy Davey's music is appropriate."

Read the full review on the PRESS page of this website!

Piano Recital in April! - March 4, 2006

Timothy will perform a recital of his original piano solos as a fund-raiser for Mary MacKillop College where he is currently Artist-in-Residence.

Entitled 'Scenes...' and to be held in the College's new Multi-function Gymnasium at 7.30pm on 1st April 2006, Timothy will once again play his signature-style piano solos featured in his critically acclaimed CD 'Scenes from the Neighbourhood'... Violinist Loretta Mongelli, a past student of the College will also be featured in a duet or two!

See the CALENDAR page of this website for details!

'Adelaide Matters' features Timothy in its November edition! - November 14, 2005

The following article appears in the November edition of our local publication 'Adelaide Matters'... and check out the photo on the Photos page of this website!

Solo Effort

Timothy Davey is better known in some overseas music circles than he is in his hometown of Adelaide.

The artist-in-residence at Kensington’s Mary MacKillop College, Timothy has just released his second independently produced CD of solo piano music.

The release, ‘Scenes from the Neighbourhood’, features his signature-style acoustic music.

“It’s in its own genre,” he explains. “It’s not classical, blues, ambient, new age or jazz.”

“My main influence is bluegrass, so I suppose the best way to describe it is a fusion of that with some classical, jazz and blues.”

“Because it doesn’t really fit neatly into any one genre, I don’t get airplay here, except on internet radio. I get played overseas, in the US, Europe and Japan – especially in the US which is the centre of solo piano music.”

In addition to working with Mary MacKillop music students, when he’s not writing music, Timothy performs with a number of local bands, including Groove Yard, Staax and The Boomers.

He is planning a solo recital for next year.
‘Scenes from the Neighbourhood’ is available through

Featured Artist Shows for November at Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio! - November 1, 2005

Timothy has been selected for a series of Featured Artist Shows during November at Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio!

These 30 minute programs featuring Timothy's music, will run for the entire month of November, on Thursdays at 4.00pm US (Pacific Standard Time).

'Whisperings' is more than just an Internet radio station. The initiative of pianist/composer David Nevue, it represents a community of solo piano artists who have chosen to promote themselves as a group, rather than just individually.

So tune in to 'Whisperings' at any time... but especially during November... Thursdays at 4.00!!!

'Scenes from the Neighbourhood'... No 7 in the Top 20 for September on Bill Binkelman's radio show 'Wind & Wire'! - October 3, 2005

Bill Binkelman has selected 'Scenes from the Neighbourhood' at No 7 in his Top 20 CDs for September on his 'Wind and Wire' radio show at KFAI Minneapolis/St Paul...

'Wind and Wire' is part of a rotation of shows called Musical Transportation Spree. To listen to Bill's show which has a wonderful selection of instrumental and ambient music... visit and follow the links to Musical Transportation Spree in the archived broadcast listing... Enjoy!

Featured Artist for September at Solo Piano Publications! - September 3, 2005

Timothy has been chosen as the Featured Artist for September and his new CD "Scenes from the Neighbourhood" gets a resounding "Wow!" from reviewer Kathy Parsons at Solo Piano Publications.

She writes... "My initial reaction to this CD was "Wow!" and the more I listen to it, the more I utter that one-word review. If this CD doesn't bring Timothy Davey worldwide recognition, the music world is in much worse shape than I feared. The music is complex, yet very accessible, and there is a variety of playing styles that dovetail into each other seamlessly..."

"Davey's classical roots are apparent in his music, but his style is interwoven with jazz, new age, and his love for bluegrass guitar, making his musical voice unique and unclassifiable (a good thing!)."

"Excellent from start to finish, "Scenes From the Neighbourhood" will definitely be on my "Top 10" for the year... VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!"

Read the full review on the PRESS page of this website and visit for everything that is anything in solo piano!
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