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Timothy Davey: Links

CD Baby
A little CD store with the best independent music!
Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio
An new Internet Radio site featuring a community of independent solo piano artists. Founded by solo pianist David Nevue.
A Global Stage for Rare Independent Music - discover the undiscovered, download cool tracks, buy CDs from the artist, a free musical journey like no other!
Audio Lunchbox
One of the first all-independent music download sites.
Gainsborough Studios
Creative Adelaide Photographers who incorporate the latest advances in digital techniques.
Adelaide Recording & Mastering Studio run by Neville Clark who mastered the CD and recorded the live tracks heard on this website. Great pair of ears!
Piano Seat Store - Piano in the Theatre
Piano in the Theatre... All about the Origins, History, Technology and Legacy of the Piano. This link comes recommended by Lillian, a student at as part of her Music Project. The site provides valuable and interesting information about my favourite instrument, the piano. Thank you Lillian!
Piano Lesson Online
A piano lessons site for everyone who would like learn to play the piano at home. Created by Tammy Widjaja.
Kathy Parsons' Internet Review site which helps promote piano music in the hope of reaching new audiences... Kathy gave us our first review. Other services include sheet music proof-reading which I can thoroughly recommend and online piano lessons!
Wind and Wire
Bill Binkelman's Internet Review site dedicated to reviewing contemporary instrumental music from independent artists... Check it out!
Alternate Music Press
The multimedia journal of new music edited by Ben Kettlewell.
Michael Dulin
Michael is a fellow Whisperings artist who is a world class pianist & musician. He has brilliantly transcribed my Sheet Music for me.
Pure Piano Music
Jeff Bjorck's website. Jeff plays a different style of solo piano to me and is widely liked. He has been very supportive of us.
Robin Spielberg
Robin's music is full of optimism and gentle strength... just like her! She has encouraged us from the beginning.
Philip Aaberg Pianist/Composer
In my opinion, the foremost solo pianist in this galaxy. Phil's music is profound and technically flawless. An essential website to visit!